Merry Christmas

Feeling nostalgic today. Do we not look angelic? Sitting by the fireplace (fake brick), dressed alike, waiting patiently (not so much) for dear Santa.

I miss that simplicity. I miss my parents. I miss not getting to see all my family. I understand why holidays can be hard for people.

I’m looking out my daughter’s kitchen window and right across the street a woman lost her husband last night. I can’t imagine. Life goes on even during the holidays.

It’s ok to look back and think about sweet memories and cherish those we love. But, I can’t wallow in that. As I get older I realize that each day is a gift. It’s not something under a tree. It’s the gift of a precious moment anytime you can grab a hold of it. We don’t need to wait until the world says, “let’s have a holiday.” Look for, seek, and find moments of joy.

I hope you found joy today no matter your situation. I pray you will find joy in the New Year. I pray that Christ will be the center of everything you do and in Him you find peace.

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