Our Five Minute Friday prompt was Ignore. I have a lump on my breast! My left arm is numb. I feel weak and tired all the time! I can't remember anything! Was that a stop sign??? There are certain things we can't ignore! We can. But what about the consequences? We see the signs but... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

Feeling nostalgic today. Do we not look angelic? Sitting by the fireplace (fake brick), dressed alike, waiting patiently (not so much) for dear Santa. I miss that simplicity. I miss my parents. I miss not getting to see all my family. I understand why holidays can be hard for people. I'm looking out my daughter's... Continue Reading →


This is our prompt from Five Minute Friday. I'm sorry if you have already seen this picture. I just had to use it again. It cracked me up! You see, I am one of those people that the simpler, the funnier. My family always pokes fun at me because the silliest things make me laugh.... Continue Reading →


Today's writing prompt for Five Minute Friday is Roots. Today is my mother's 87th birthday. She won't remember that it is. Today would have been my parents' 68th wedding anniversary if dad was here. But, she won't remember that either. Part of me wants to fall apart. I've shed a tear. But, life goes on.... Continue Reading →


Over 40 years ago I was newly married and moved to a city where I knew no one. My husband and I knew it was important to find a church and become a part of it. Little did we know how God would bless us when we found one. We met some other couples who... Continue Reading →


Today's writing prompt for Five Minute Writing was Guess. When I was a child, I loved going to the fair. I loved all the good food, the rides, and seeing all the exhibits. The one thing I remember that I didn’t like was the guy that yelled at you and said he could guess your... Continue Reading →


Our ladies' group at church recently hosted a painting class. One of our members is a professional artist and she led our class. Please don't judge her by this painting! She brought me a long way. Art is not my strong suit but, I do find it very relaxing. I look at this painting and... Continue Reading →


Our Five Minute Writing word this week is Heal. We cry out for healing. We search for healing. We spend, we indulge, we fret, we ask others. Healing eludes us. A vicious cycle begins until we are helpless. Then, we fall on our face and realize where our true healing comes from. "Heal me, O... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day 2022

How blessed I am to have two wonderful women in my life, my mom and my mother-in-law. How much they have taught me! I thank them for following after who God created them to be. Mother's Day can cause a lot of different kind of emotions for everyone. It hit me hard during worship this... Continue Reading →

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