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Thank you for visiting my Psalm 71 blog. I believe God has led me to write this blog as a way to share His word with the next generation. It is my hope that you will find hope and encouragement to live the life God has created for you.

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Today’s writing prompt for Five Minute Writing was Guess. When I was a child, I loved going to the fair. I loved all the good food, the rides, and seeing all the exhibits. The one thing I remember that I didn’t like was the guy that yelled at you and said he could guess your … Continue reading Guess


Our ladies’ group at church recently hosted a painting class. One of our members is a professional artist and she led our class. Please don’t judge her by this painting! She brought me a long way. Art is not my strong suit but, I do find it very relaxing. I look at this painting and … Continue reading Imperfect


Our Five Minute Writing word this week is Heal. We cry out for healing. We search for healing. We spend, we indulge, we fret, we ask others. Healing eludes us. A vicious cycle begins until we are helpless. Then, we fall on our face and realize where our true healing comes from. “Heal me, O … Continue reading Heal

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