Music and Alzheimer’s

Music can have a profound effect on individuals with Alzheimer's. Of course, each patient is different in their response and what type of music will vary with individual. Here are some ways that music can positively impact the patient: Music can elicit an emotional response. Music can evoke strong emotional responses. It can bring on... Continue Reading →


(Our writing prompt for Five Minute Friday.) Tucked away in the middle of the Bible is the chapter - Psalm 71. It's not one of the most famous of the Psalms, but to me it spoke volumes. In fact, it's the name of my Blog. If you've never read it, take time to do so.... Continue Reading →

I’ll remember

(I wrote this poem a few years ago but wanted to post again for Mother's Day. I encourage you whether your mom is with you or not, to try and remember the things that made her. Mother's are not the same but they each hold a place in our lives. Remember the things that made... Continue Reading →


As some of you know, I am on the verge of my first children's book being published. I would not be honest if I didn't say there have been days when I just wanted to quit. The story that I've written has been on my heart for a long time. It has gone through several... Continue Reading →


"I have to have those new tennis shoes!" "I have to have a new car!" "I have to have that new outfit!" If you are a parent, you have heard these statements. I admit that I've said the same thing even in my adult years! Sad but true. We throw the word have around quite... Continue Reading →


Our Five Minute Friday prompt was Ignore. I have a lump on my breast! My left arm is numb. I feel weak and tired all the time! I can't remember anything! Was that a stop sign??? There are certain things we can't ignore! We can. But what about the consequences? We see the signs but... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

Feeling nostalgic today. Do we not look angelic? Sitting by the fireplace (fake brick), dressed alike, waiting patiently (not so much) for dear Santa. I miss that simplicity. I miss my parents. I miss not getting to see all my family. I understand why holidays can be hard for people. I'm looking out my daughter's... Continue Reading →


This is our prompt from Five Minute Friday. I'm sorry if you have already seen this picture. I just had to use it again. It cracked me up! You see, I am one of those people that the simpler, the funnier. My family always pokes fun at me because the silliest things make me laugh.... Continue Reading →


Today's writing prompt for Five Minute Friday is Roots. Today is my mother's 87th birthday. She won't remember that it is. Today would have been my parents' 68th wedding anniversary if dad was here. But, she won't remember that either. Part of me wants to fall apart. I've shed a tear. But, life goes on.... Continue Reading →


Over 40 years ago I was newly married and moved to a city where I knew no one. My husband and I knew it was important to find a church and become a part of it. Little did we know how God would bless us when we found one. We met some other couples who... Continue Reading →

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