My Thanksgiving Tree

Well, I did it. The thing I said I would never do. I am the same person who often criticized those who put up their tree before Thanksgiving. I have heard others doing the same thing this year. It’s one of the many Covid responses. I know psychologist are probably giving this a name – PreChristmaspsychosis!

I was about to get really upset with myself for caving in but you know something? I don’t feel guilty or upset. I actually feel pretty good. But, I do want you to know one thing, I love Thanksgiving. It often gets overlooked. Even though I think we should be thankful all the time, it’s a great time to remember all we have to be thankful for and a great time for a feast and not feel guilty!

Here’s what happened to me today. As I hung each ornament I began to realize that each one represented something in my life. I hung ornaments my mom had given me over the years. I saw the ornaments we bought when we had each child. I have ornaments the children made in school. There were crochet ornaments by an aunt. Ornaments of each grandchild. Some were from trips we’ve been on. Several were from friends from several places we have lived. I even have a special ornament from my grandmother. Then, there are angels and crosses that remind me of my greatest treasure.

So as I was finishing up, I looked at that tree and thought, this is my Thanksgiving tree. Precious memories and stories of my life. This may become my new tradition.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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