Yes, it’s a word. I knew you were wondering. It’s the state of being commonplace and ordinary. Ever been there? I have!

At the present time, life may not seem quite so ordinary. So many changes and not knowing what will happen in the next moment. But, in the midst of this many of us have had our lives slowed down. You might be out of work. You may be in quarantine. You might not get to visit loved ones like you have before. Life may not look like you thought it should.

The book of Ruth starts out with a family living a mundane life. Then tragedy strikes. There is a famine in the land, so they move to another area. Here they begin to raise a family. The boys grow up and marry. Then, the father dies. Life rolls on for another 10 years and then the two sons die. The mother and her daughters in law are left – alone. If you have read the book of Ruth, you know that Ruth ends up going back with her mother-in-law, Naomi, to live in the land they were previously.

Ruth has to work in the fields and lead a very mundane life. I’m sure she had days she didn’t feel like going in. She probably felt like everyone was giving her the pity looks. She may have felt that her life didn’t amount to much. She was childless, pretty much homeless, and not married. But, she presses on. She heeds advice from her mother-in-law and her life dramatically changes.

You see in the background of this story. The orchestra-tor of this story was putting everything in place. God had something not so mundane in this plan.

I’m going to jump to the end, (Sorry, please read the book for yourself!) Ruth marries a man named Boaz. He was actually kin to Naomi. They have a son. Hold on, this is the good part; their child is the grandfather to King David! Plus….Jesus is from the line of David! How blessed Ruth was!

Listen, mundane can be good. Sometimes when we seem to be plodding a long we are actually learning lessons. We are learning to persevere. God is writing your story and He is wanting you in your mundane life to lean on Him. Trust Him. Seek Him. Listen for Him. Cry out to Him. He may be preparing you for something not quite so mundane.

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