Do you love me?

This past weekend, I was with my parents at the annual Talley cemetery decoration. My mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This weekend was the first time I realized she didn’t know me. Her recognition went in and out. I was an old friend she knew when she was young. It hurt but I knew it would come.
On the way home the story of Peter and Jesus came to my mind. The day they were around the fire in John 21. There are many lessons in these verses but, one that
came to my mind was Jesus reminding Peter what that love meant. Love demands action. If Peter loved Jesus, he had something to do, feed and take care of the sheep.
Each generation hopes that they can pass something on to the next. I know that even if my mom doesn’t remember me as her daughter, her love remains in me. She might ask me,
“Kathy, do you love me?” “You know I do..”
“Then, do the things God has asked you to do and pass those things on to the next generation.”

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