Teaching Children

I am very thankful to be a public school teacher. There are times that it is frustrating. But, what job doesn’t have those moments? I also have been a Bible school teacher for many years. The same can be said of that!

Nothing gives me greater joy than leading a Bible Club in our school. It is before the day starts. Each week parents send their children at 7:30 am (which is a miracle for most parents) and we meet for about 35 minutes. We have several volunteers who teach each grade level and then have one large group lesson.

This year we are studying the 10 commandments. Right now we are on “have no other God” and “have no other idols.” The above sheet was written by Jaden, one of our students, in his writing class. They were to write on the top three things that  they were thankful for. Teaching God’s word to these children is worth any frustration! What a blessing!

So, if you are discouraged because you are the only one at your church teaching, the behavior is awful, you don’t get back up, or you’ve taught for 100 years, don’t quit! You are doing something truly remarkable! I believe you will be blessed!

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