Wow! Look at those two love birds! Contemplating marriage! What did they know???

I can tell you, not too much. After 43 years I can tell you I am still no expert. Every day there is a new experience or challenge. But, after all these years I can say  marriage is worth it.

A few things I have learned over the years; 1) It takes two people wanting to make it work. A one-sided relationship is painful. 2)It takes commitment. I believe, just as in our Christian walk, we need to remain steadfast. Do what it takes. Remember that you not only made a commitment to your spouse, but to God. 3) Life is not perfect! I don’t care who you live with – everyone has flaws. 4)  God must be at the top of this relationship. He must be in every decision. There is nothing sweeter than praying and worshiping together. 5) Forgive as quickly as possible. Remember this life is not all about you. You have been forgiven much – so be quick to forgive. 6) Love – unconditionally!!

Another 43 years? I don’t think so. But, hopefully I will treasure each day ahead.



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