Man in the Mirror

There are many days that I look in the mirror and wish I could forget about what I see! Some mornings it’s pretty rough! But, if I did forget what I saw, I wouldn’t attempt to change anything. (As a side note, some things can’t be changed. 🙂 )

I love reading the book of James. So many practical and good reminders of what our Christian walk should look like. These verses (James 1: 22-25) have always intrigued me.

A few short lessons on what I learn:

1. Do know who I am I have to listen and live out the word of God. I am not an observer. I’m part of the story.

2. That intently listening and doing the word of God brings freedom. The word is not just a list of rules but life altering.

3. That when I listen and do and don’t forget, I will be blessed.

Ask yourself this, when I look into the mirror do I reflect the Son?



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