Old “Medima Road”

Today I am enjoying a beautiful snow day inside!! Whenever we have a decent snow I am reminded of an event in my childhood. We lived in Illinois at the time and were driving to Tennessee to visit our grandparents for Christmas. When we hit the Tennessee line the weather changed to ice and snow. Trucks and cars alike were slipping off the road. Needless to say we were all a little nervous. As we got closer we saw a sign that said “Road Closed Ahead!” What were we to do? As we drove a little further we saw two men on the side of the road trying to flag us down. Dad rolled the window down and they began to tell us that the only way we could get through was to follow them (down a lonely country road mind you). I remember my mother explaining to my dad what could happen because of this!!!

To our surprise, when we came to the big hill on Old “Medima” (actually it’s Medina) Road we saw many people in the same situation. Farmers and neighbors had gotten together and actually were pushing people up the hill so that they could get to their destinations! We would make it to ours!

This got me to thinking about all the decisions we make in our lives. God has given us direction. He sent His son to show us the way. But, how many times do we back away or go down a different path because what we are asked to do doesn’t make sense? On our trip we could have continued on the highway but probably would have been stranded. But, we took the path that didn’t make sense to us and we made it. Pray for God to open your eyes to His ways. Proverbs 3:6


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