Watch yourself!

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending a women’s conference. It’s always good to get away for a few days and especially when you can sing, pray, worship and think about God. I was getting into everything and feeling really good about myself!

Ha! The second day they were giving out  door prizes and said that anyone with a yellow sticker on the bottom of their chair would win a prize. I was feeling around and didn’t feel anything so I thought I’d be the smart one and turn the chair upside down. Wow! I was so excited because under my chair was a yellow sticker. I couldn’t believe it! I ran up to the podium (mind you there were over 1,000 women there) waving my big sticker! I get up there and there are no prizes left. Come to find out it was supposed to be a sticky note!!!! Say what??? I smiled and laughed my way back to my seat – humiliated..embarrassed.

The next day I prepare myself for the new day. I am waiting on a couple of the other girls and my friend tells me that I have spilled coffee all over my sweater. Then, when I get to the conference, I fall up the stairs! Wow! If I was home, I think I would have stayed in bed.

These were really only minor things but it got me to thinking about how as a Christian, you can think you’ve got everything together. Life is moving pretty smoothly. We think we can avoid all temptations…and then something comes our way and we blow it! We say or do something that goes against everything we believe in. I Corinthians 10 talks about how we need to be on guard. I never need to trust in just how I feel or feel secure in my own strength. Every day I need to fall humbly before my God and never do anything without wholly leaning upon His power.

I did have a good weekend by the way. God taught me several wonderful lessons!

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