Hold on to Christ

There are always people in this life that we want to hold on to. When my good friend Linda became sick, we never dreamed we would lose her in just a few short weeks. So many times I have wanted to hold her and tell her what she meant to me. I wanted to hold on to my precious grandparents. But, we had to let them go. I remember a good friend of mine being hit by a drunk driver in college. The pain experienced by her mom, she wanted to hold on  to her.

We lose  people that we love and care about. It isn’t always because of death. Divorce, broken relationships, and moves can separate us from those we care about. If we have made these relationships the most important thing in our lives, our world can come to a crashing halt.

I am asking you today to consider holding on to Jesus. Let Him become first and foremost in your life. The thing with Jesus is, he will never leave you. In fact, when you become His child he takes residence in you. Romans 8 talks about Christ spirit within us. Because of this we are the children of God and His heirs. When everything is crashing in and others are leaving you, cry out to Him and He will carry you through.

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  1. I love what you’ve done with this blog, Kathy. It’s refreshing to have spiritual reminders pop up in my email and on my Facebook so often. Thank you for your words of ministry.


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