Holding On

As a teacher, this is a little hard to admit, but as a child I tried to get out of school! Shocking? The first incidence occurred in third grade. My best friend and I decided that one way we could go home was to get hurt. So being the bright 8 year olds we were, we decided to just keep hanging from the monkey bars until our hands had calluses. (I guess we thought we couldn’t write.) We were sent to the nurse but she just wiped off our hands and sent us back to class with red hands!

We believed that the holding on would lead to something better. A day with no school! But, in the end all we got were very sore hands. Aren’t there things in this life we hold on to? Things such as our past, our shame, our insecurities, our wealth, our hurts, disappointments, lies….put your own right here. Holding on to these things leads to pain and doesn’t accomplish a whole lot in our lives.

Some of us hold on so tightly to these things that they have become a part of us. I hope over the next few weeks to share with you things we should hold on to. Things that will bring life, joy, peace and hope.

God bless you today.

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