Moses, part 2

Moses was human. This is made evident throughout his life but one place that has always spoken to me is his encounter with God at the burning bush.

As humans we are always wanting the “sign.” We want God to show himself. Here God displays his power in a burning bush that doesn’t burn up. He even speaks to Moses. And yet Moses questions him. “Who am I,…” We can interpret this as Moses showing his humility. Don’t we do the same thing? We see things that need to be done or we feel God is laying something on our heart. Then the excuses start rolling in. I am not up to it. I don’t have that talent. I don’t like doing that.

If you’ll let me paraphrase, God is telling Moses, “Get the I out of your excuses and let the Great I am work.” Moses teaches us that God can use anyone – talented or not. It is not by our power but by the power of the one who created me and you.

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