Moses, part 1

This week for spring break we went to Branson. This afternoon we were privileged to see the production of “Moses.” Truly enjoyed it on many levels.

Right from the very beginning of Moses’s life you see faith in action. I was once again reminded of the faith of his mother Jochebed. First, she had to hide her baby so he would not be thrown into the Nile. That was a feat in itself. Secondly, the act of putting your baby in a basket and putting him into a river. I can’t imagine that.

What did I learn from that? She had faith. A faith that lets go and lets God do his work. Looking back,  we can see the hand of God. But, at that moment, when all that’s in you wants to hold on to your precious child, she let go. She must have known that God had a greater purpose.

Can you let go of things so God can accomplish his purpose?

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