Ides of March

When I was a sophomore at Bloomington High School, we had to study Julius Caesar. I’m sure many of you did. I was dreading it! But, I didn’t know that  Mr. Baumgarten could change all that. I will never forget the Ides of March because of my high school English teacher who made it all come alive. So, now whenever the ides of March comes around I think of all the teachers who impacted me throughout my life.

I think about Mr. Smith in Dixon, Illinois who taught Science. But, I remember him for teaching me how to outline and take notes.

I think about Ms. Lora Laycook, who taught bible classes for children at Henderson Church of Christ. She inspired me to teach.

I think of my speech and drama teachers in high school who inspired me to find a talent I never knew I had.  The list goes on…..

Take time to thank a teacher. They aren’t perfect by any means. But, many of them touch our lives in unexpected ways.

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