National “Christian” Woman Day

I’d like to start a new day. It seems everyone else has one. Let’s call it National Christian Woman Day. I am using Proverbs 31 from the Message. I’d like to give a shout out to the women whose value is more than diamonds.

She’s the kind of woman her husband can trust. She’s not spiteful. She is very generous. She’s not frivolous. She looks for bargains. She is a busy woman but she takes care of her family. She’s organized and believes that having a job is important. She knows it’s important to her and her family.

She’s willing to assist others. She shows mercy and justice to the poor. When she speaks she speaks with wisdom and says it in a kind way.

She keeps an eye on her family. Her children and husband respect her.

She understands that charm can mislead and beauty can fade away. She has set her priorities. She understands that everything begins with the highest regard for God.

If you happen to be blessed and know these women, give them your praise today!

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