Firm Foundation

Firm Foundation

“Like a tree planted by stream of water”

a foundation built not to be shaken by storm,

strife, fear, illness or heartache.

Roots buried deep into the soil

to hold us up, to set a course,

to lead us to a higher place.

Nurtured, watered and cherished

That we might feel and know love,

To have strength even in a time of testing.

Our parents, our foundation built upon

Our heavenly Father – built to last

To endure until we all meet face to face.

I wrote this poem in honor of my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. I share this today to ask you, “What are you building your life upon?”  What is your foundation? What foundation are you building your children’s life on? Good education, good jobs, a lot of friends?  None of those are bad within themselves but if our first priority is not a relationship with God, it will fail.

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