Thoughts on Mother’s Day

Cleaning out our parents’ home of 40 plus years has been an emotional roller coaster. Cleaning out drawers and boxes, to finding things you didn’t know they had, can lead to tears and laughter. We found a drawer full of old cards that our parents had saved and included in that were the Mother’s Day cards we had sent over the years. I gave my mom a card this year but I don’t think she’ll really understand the meaning. She’s at the stage of her disease where she really doesn’t know that I’m her daughter. Sadness…

Today I want to tell you, where ever, you are on the Mother spectrum, I’m thinking and praying for you. I hope I don’t leave you out…

To those whose moms have passed away.

To those who have just lost their child.

To those who have never known their birth mom.

To those who didn’t have a good relationship with their mom.

To those whose mom can’t remember who they are.

To those who want to be a mom but can’t.

To those who gave birth and lost their child.

To moms sitting alone and no child calls or comes by.

To moms who sit and worry for their wayward child.

To those sitting in a hospital room.

To mom’s fearful of where their child may be.

To mom’s trying to raise their children by themselves.

To those knowing their children are safe and love her.

Add your situation and say a prayer for that mother today. Know for sure that God sees you all. He hears your cries!

Love you!

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