The Fixer

I have to admit something about myself…most of my life I have tried to be “The Fixer!” No, not the kind that’s handy around the house. I’m the kind that believed I could change things around me. I could even change people around me. I could change the course of history. Well, maybe not that dramatic!

I thought I could send people to other people who could totally find a solution. I would try to change the thinking of others to fit with my way of thinking. You know what I discovered? It’s exhausting! But, more importantly, it’s impossible.

Don’t get me wrong. If I can help in some way, I will do my best. But, here’s the difference now. I know I have no control over anything or anyone. I can’t fix others’ lives and I can’t change the way things are. Here’s what I learned (in my older age – young folks, please learn it earlier than I did) I can show you the One who can fix it.

My God is greater than all our fears, worries or concerns. My God has peace that passes understanding. My God is with me wherever I go. My God loves me with greater love than anyone. My God is my help and my shield. My God fills me with joy!

Will all my problems vanish away? Will there not be heartache and pain? No. In this life we will have trouble. But, my creator helps me deal with these things. He gives me hope. He is “The Fixer” that makes all things new.

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