If you have ever gotten a card, letter or note from my dad, you know he likes acronyms. So I have written the following in honor of Father’s Day!

Always carries a pen and a card!

Loves to read the sports page.

Lives what he believes

Eager to get a deal with a coupon.

Not a phone talker!

I love these things about my dad. They make him who he is. But, his true measure is his belief and trust in God. Also, the picture says it all, his great love for his wife. I can never thank him enough for loving my mom and caring for her these 60 plus years.

Dad, I hope you don’t care but I’d like to end a verse that you wrote mom in 1977. It goes to the tune “On top of Old Smokey.”

“Ode to Merry Jo.” (written on Thanksgiving)

“Of all my blessings, you top the list.

Of my greatest blessings, you are the gist.

I’m thankful for You, Dear; You light up my life.

I may be a turkey, but I’ve got a good wife.”

Thank you Dad!

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