Seize the Moment

This is me – many years ago trying to be brave as I stand on the edge of the Eiffel tower! Just moments before you would have found me clinging to the inside wall! Why you ask? I’m afraid of heights. This structure has been standing for hundreds of years and yet I felt that day it would tumble with me on it.

Thinking back on this moment I am ashamed. Ashamed that I let fear strangle me from experiencing a once in a lifetime moment. How many other moments have I missed because of fear? Not all the moments have to be once in a lifetime but moments that we can never get back.

Skipping a lunch with a friend because you’re too busy. Watching a sunrise or a sunset. Giving a hug to family and friend. Standing in the rain. Taking a walk with your spouse. These all seem relatively simple but when we look back at our lives, we will see that these are moments we wished we had seized before it’s too late.

Ephesians 5:15 tells us to live wisely. In verse 16 it says , “making the most of every opportunity.” Take time to seize those small moments today and don’t let fear or anything else rob you the blessings God has given us.

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