Around 14,000 men and women, ages 50 and older participated this year in the National Senior Games. It is truly a blessing to see the excitement in these athletes. There was even a 103 year old man who was running in the 100 meter dash!
I love this because I see men and women who keep going. They don’t give up. The body may be hurting some and things don’t move like they used to. But, they push themselves to keep on keeping on!
In our walk as Christians, Paul often refers to it as a race. One of my favorite verses is Hebrews 12:1″…Let us run with endurance the race that lies before us…”
It takes endurance to live this life. There are days we want to give up. Things aren’t going the way we wanted. Other people don’t treat us the way they should. But, in the 2nd verse of chapter 12 it says that we can endure if we keep our eyes on Jesus.
In this race we won’t get a gold medal but we get to live on the streets of gold. I want to prepare for this race!

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