Ants, Lemons, and Limes

As you walk down the hallways of most  schools this time of year, invariably you will find a bulletin board that says “What I’m Thankful For.” I love this time of year. I especially like hearing what the children have to say on this subject. One really caught my eyes this morning.  A preschooler’s answer for what they were thankful for was “ants, lemons and limes!”

My adult mind cried out, “How can you be thankful for those things?” Stepping back I realized two lessons from this. First of all, I can’t tell someone else what they should be thankful for, especially a preschooler! I used to enjoy watching ants scurry from place to place. I love lemonade and a lime in my water!

Secondly, my adult mind went straight to the negative aspects of these things. Ants are a nuisance! Limes and lemons are too tart! Isn’t that how we are so many times? We can’t see the good or beauty in something that has caused us pain.

I want to be like David and praise God, even in the things that disrupt, explode and shake up my world. Psalm 34:1, ” I will extol the Lord at all times; His praise will always be on my lips.”



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