Forgive Us

I hate conflict, of any kind. Drama is not in my name. I run and hide from it. And yet it seems to be the norm of our society. We have let hatred, prejudice, and unforgiveness take hold of our country, communities, schools, and homes.

Not a day goes by that there is not another shooting. I am not going to start a debate on gun control. But, I will discuss that this is a matter of the heart.  This is a soul issue. An issue where we have not learned what love of God is and loving our neighbor as yourself.

If you agree,  I ask you to pray as Daniel did. Daniel was living in a corrupt world and yet he prayed and fasted with petitions for everyone. He knew nothing could be changed by one man but only by the power of the living God. He humbled himself and prayed “…we have sinned, dine wrong, acted wickedly, rebelled and turned away from Your commands and ordinances.” Daniel 9: 5. God please forgive us.

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