I am going to really reveal something about my past….I was a storm watcher. Yes, I am not proud of it. My parents never had to listen to the radio because I was ahead of the game. If the clouds started to darken, or the wind picked up, you would find me running from room to room. I do want you to know that I have matured somewhat in this area. Today, I rely on my weather people and an app to keep me informed!

Storms come upon us in life as swiftly as a cold front can blow through. “I have cancer?”  “You don’t love me anymore?” “Rehab?” “Did you say he’s in jail?”

Just like in a storm, we may have time to hunker down but often it rushes in and we don’t see it coming.

Jesus rebuked his apostles when they were afraid in the storm. He asked them, “Where is your faith?”

I have to ask myself the same thing when fear descends upon me. Where is my faith? Don’t I believe that God is for me, not against me? It reminds me that I need to be prepared at all times by being in constant communion with him. Pray without ceasing! Memorize the Word! Praise His name! Thank Him for all He’s done and who He is! He is the Master of the storm and He will carry you through!!

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