Planting Seeds – part 1

I had a great weekend celebrating my dad’s 85th birthday. I am so thankful for him and the life that he leads. One of his past times is writing. You don’t get an email or text from him. You get a letter. It’s not just a letter but actually a small packet. You might receive a cartoon,  a bulletin article, or a newspaper article that in someway relates to your life. It’s always a surprise.

He also writes short religious articles. He types them up and prints them out. He usually carries a copy with him. So every time we go out to eat he leaves one with his ticket. At the bottom he always invites them to go to church somewhere.

I have no way of knowing if the waiter or waitress ever reads it. But, who knows. It might just be the thing that person needed that day.

This got me to thinking of the parable of the sower. Dad is using his gift to plant seeds into other people’s lives. Everybody has a different way to do it. What are you using to plant God’s love and word in other people’s lives?

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