We make choices everyday. The choices are as simple as what I will wear for the day to should I quit my job. Choices have been around since the beginning of time. God gave man the choice to eat of the tree or not. Satan tempted Adam and Eve not to go the way that God had intended.

I have Joshua 24:15 hanging in my home. It is a good reminder to me everyday to decide how I will make my choices. The problem is I, like Adam and Eve, think I know better. I also think I don’t have time to wait on a decision so I rush to make my choice.

The Bible is God’s blueprint for our decision making. It is filled with things that we should choose. I want to encourage you to think of things that we should choose based on the word of God. I will share my list over the next few blogs.

2 thoughts on “Choices

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  1. So true. I am facing some big decisions right now and feel very rushed and overwhelmed. Thank you for the reminder to wait for God in all parts of life.


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