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Tucked away in the middle of the Bible is the chapter – Psalm 71. It’s not one of the most famous of the Psalms, but to me it spoke volumes. In fact, it’s the name of my Blog.

If you’ve never read it, take time to do so. Many believe that this was written by King David in his latter years.

Here are the reasons it spoke to me:

*The relationship between God and David. David describes Him as a rock of safety, his fortress, his hope, glorious, righteous, powerful, sovereign, and Lord.

*David wants to live the last days of his life praising God. He wants to praise him in song but more importantly he wants to share all of God’s attributes to the next generation.

*David is honest about the pain and anguish he is going through but he still believes God is with him.

As I have entered into the latter chapters of my life, I want to do these very things. I don’t want to be abandoned by God but to have a more richer in deeper walk with Him.

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  1. The final day, the final battle
    of a maybe misspent life.
    The empty mags hollowly rattle,
    and I’m left with just my knife
    to face the thing that’s gonna kill,
    without platform or audience
    to see me pay fell cancer’s bill;
    no, I will pass in silence,
    an image flickering on a screen
    in an empty movie-house,
    but I am not wholly unseen,
    and truly have no need to grouse,
    for the Lord that sees sparrows’ demise
    is watching with His inner eyes.

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