I’ll remember

(I wrote this poem a few years ago but wanted to post again for Mother’s Day. I encourage you whether your mom is with you or not, to try and remember the things that made her. Mother’s are not the same but they each hold a place in our lives. Remember the things that made or make them unique. I’d love to hear from you. After writing this poem I changed the direction of my first children’s book , A Song in Her Heart.)

I’ll remember…

Mom, there are certain things you can’t remember right now…

But, I want to remember….

That you were born in Marshall County Tennessee on September 2, 1935.

That you were named for your grandmothers.

I want to remember that you grew up on a farm and that some of your happiest moments were always learning how to do something there. You said it helped you be a better wife and mother.

You loved your home on a gravel road.  You learned to ride a bike, drive a car and walked to your grandparents’ house on that road.

I want to remember that you enjoyed school. You were the best printer in first grade and got the best posture in 2nd. (This award you reminded me about a lot!)

I want to remember that you were friends with all your classmates. 

I want to remember that one of your fondest memories was in the winter when your dad would read a book to you and your sister before you would go to sleep. Your mom would sit on the end of the bed. One winter he read “Little Women.”  This became your favorite “read aloud.”

I want to remember how much you enjoyed being outside. How you loved horses. I want to remember how you would run and climb the tree when your mother called to help her clean. 

I want to remember how you loved hearing your dad yell, “Let’s go find hickory nuts.” You would take long walks all over your farm looking for them.

I want to remember how you would ride your pony in the hills. It is here that you would stop and sit on a rock. You would pray and think about poems in your mind. You could talk out loud. You said it was peaceful.

I want to remember how you said God answered your prayer by sending you my dad.  I want to remember that you said your one shining moment was getting married and the day you became a Christian.

I want to remember your wedding day, your birthday, at your home on the farm. 

I want to remember the birth of each of your children and what a special place it held in your heart.

I want to remember what a good grandmother you were and how all the children loved going to see Nana.

I want to remember what a hostess you were. I want to remember each delicious meal you cooked.

I want to remember each life lesson you taught and how much you loved your family. I want to remember how important God was to you and how you believed in the power of prayer.

Mom, there is so much more that I want to remember. Thank you for all the beautiful memories!

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