Today’s writing prompt for Five Minute Friday is Roots.

Today is my mother’s 87th birthday. She won’t remember that it is. Today would have been my parents’ 68th wedding anniversary if dad was here. But, she won’t remember that either. Part of me wants to fall apart. I’ve shed a tear. But, life goes on.

My siblings and our spouses took our parents to Opryland Hotel and to the Grand Ole Opry for their 60th wedding anniversary, 8 years ago. I am so glad we did. We laughed. Acted goofy. Got soaking wet. But, those memories I will cherish as long as I am able.

We made a book to remember that time and I wrote a poem to honor them. I entitled the poem “Firm Foundation.” I believe it also good be called “Roots.” I am thankful for the roots my parents gave us.

“Like a tree planted by streams of water”

a foundation built not to be shaken by storm,

strife, fear, illness or heartache.

Roots buried deep into the soil

to hold us up, to set a course,

to lead us to a higher place.

Nurtured, watered, and cherished

that we might feel and know love,

to have strength even in time of testing.

Our parents, our foundation built upon

our Heavenly Father – built to last

to endure until we all meet face to face.

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  1. What a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it. Today, I’m visiting my sister, who has Alzheimer’s. She may not remember me or our visit after I leave. But, those of us dealing with fading memories must believe that our moms and sisters feel our love while we’re together. I’m praying for you today.

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  2. Well, darn. Something in my eye, screen’s all suddenly gone blurry.

    I write this in the humblest awe
    that I’ve so rarely known,
    brought on me by what I saw
    in the love shown in your poem.
    I do sonnets, yeah, it’s true,
    I like to make stuff rhyme,
    but I can’t hold a candle to
    what I’ve seen this time
    in your words and of your heart
    that you gave Mom and Dad,
    to hold them as the biggest part
    of the best days you have had,
    and as mem’ry’s gone lost and flawed,
    please know it’s all retained by God.

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  3. It’s interesting that your parents were married on your mom’s birthday. Two celebrations in one! Big hug for missing your daddy. Big hug for a mom who is present in body, but not in mind. I pray you experience His loving arms about you today. Thank you for sharing the beautiful poem and your parents’ picture. They are precious! ~Lisa, FMF #10

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  4. Beautiful photo of your mom and dad, They look like a very special couple.
    The post and poem are very touching.
    Thanks for sharing.


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