Joy in imitation

Most of us have heard the quote, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” We often say as children, “I want to grow up one day and be like….” This can take a negative turn if we try to someone emulate with not so good of a reputation or character. Who do you imitate? I love those Progressive commercials where the person has grown up to be their parents. The commercial of course pokes fun at all the things we older generation seem to turn to as we age! But, I find it a compliment when someone says I am like my parents in certain areas. Paul, in Philippians 2 gives us someone to imitate! Someone who lived a perfect life. Paul says that in reflecting the character and following Christ, his joy would be complete. I believe there is joy in our lives when we follow these things. I am simplifying them here:

  • Be united! Followers of Christ be united in Christ. Follow Him and no one else.
  • Have the same love! Love of God and love your neighbors!
  • United in a purpose! We are here to glorify God.
  • Don’t be selfish! (I could go off on a little rant here but I will try to stay focused.) It’s not about us. Think of others before yourself and look out for them.
  • Be humble! Christ showed what true humility was. He gave HIs life so that others could be saved.

In the series “The Chosen” you will begin to see how Christ asked those He chose to follow Him. He asked them to physically go with Him but more importantly to listen and imitate how He lived. Ask yourself today, who do I emulate?

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