Joy in Prayer

A very precious memory of mine was to overhear my mom and dad pray together before they went to sleep. I remember times as a child and even into my adult years. They prayed for many things but they always prayed for those they loved.

What peace and comfort that was for me but also for them. There is joy found in praying for others!

Paul gives a glimpse of this in Philippians 1:9-11. We already know how much he loved the Philippians and how thankful he was for them. But, he also wanted them to know he was praying for them.

How can I find joy in this kind of prayer?

  • I am lifting them up to the God of the universe. I am laying whatever joy or concern I have for them at His feet not mine. He knows their greatest needs. This gives me comfort.
  • When I pray for others there is joy because I turn my thoughts for what they need. We often make prayer about what we want but praying for others is for their needs and wants.
  • When others know you are praying for them, it gives them peace and love. I want as many others praying for me no matter what my circumstance. I want God in control of every situation.

I know many of you already make it a priority to pray for others but, if you don’t start today. Let others know you pray for them. The list is endless; our government, our teachers, our ministers, church leaders, their wives, children, missionaries, our spouses, our children, relatives, your neighbor, prisoners, health care workers…..I could go on. God waits for you to pray. God bless you in prayer and may you find joy in Him.

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