Who’s Writing your Script?

My husband and I have our favorite television shows. Some always seem to have a character who knows how to say all the right things. You know from the beginning that by the end of the show that character will make everything right. Don’t you wish you had someone to script what you say? I do! I’d like to be the one in the room everyone is waiting to hear just the thing to bring everyone together. The one who ends every fight. The one who gives advice and people listen! But, unfortunately, I don’t have a script writer. Or do I??

Our words are powerful. In the book of James it says that words can start a fire. We know not an actual fire. But, we all have seen the devastation our words can bring. James goes on to say that this small member of our body can set the course of our life. I need to be careful with my words.

No, I don’t have a written script in front of me but as a child of God I can rely on two things to help me with my words. First, rely on the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus told his disciples that the Spirit would guide them. We have that same Spirit within us when we became followers of Christ. Ask the Spirit to lead you in what you say. Pray before you speak.

Secondly, I have God’s word, the Bible. Scripture leads us to understand the mind of Christ. We are taught much about how Christ reacted in certain situations and his verbal response.

Will I always say the right thing? NO! I am not perfect. But, I know that through the blood of Christ I have been forgiven and Christ knows the story of my life. I want my words to be His words!

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