I’m tired!!

I would venture to say that these two words are some of the most repeated in our vocabulary!!  The mother of a new-born feels this way almost everyday.  A two-year old wanting to be held will wail that he is tired. And then there are times we are just worn out.

Sometimes our being so tired is from our own making. We may be a workaholic. We may get ourselves involved in too many activities. We stay up too late watching TV or playing games.

Other times we are tired because of our work hours. We’re tired because we have to hold down three jobs just to make a living. And then some of us are getting older…

But, sometimes we’re tired because life is too complicated. We’re tired because we try to take the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Guess what???  That’s not your job. The creator of the universe has taken on that job. He never gets tired. He’s always on call. These verses in Isaiah are telling you and me to slow down and hand it over. Isaiah 40 verse 31 says that those that hope in the Lord (He will take care of it) will have renewed strength. Ask Him today to take your load and wait and see what He alone can do!


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