Saying Goodbye

Nanny, my grandmother, never said good-bye when she ended a phone conversation. All you ever got was her abruptly hanging up. She was done. I often wondered why she couldn’t say it. Maybe it was to final.

As a minister’s wife and the daughter of a minister, I have had my share of goodbyes. You would think they would get easier.

There are all sorts of goodbyes. Just this week I said goodbye to a friend who had been a member of our weekly bible study group. She was moving out-of-town. This same week we had a touching ceremony for another friend. She had opened up her home to women for bible studies for many years. Goodbyes can be for something that has become familiar in your life.

The ultimate goodbye is when we lose someone in death. But, the beautiful thing about this goodbye is that it is not the end. Something far greater is awaiting us. Our goodbye turns into a reunion with our Father. We will be in a place where there will not be anymore goodbyes!!!

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