Love is….

It’s that time of year when love is in the air…well, at least the store aisles are full of things to give your true love!

I enjoy Valentine’s Day in the fact of happy memories as a child. I loved getting the cards from my grandparents that had the slots for dimes. We thought we had hit it big! I loved making the cards at school and giving them to my parents. It was fun fixing the cards for my classmates and being really careful about the one I gave to the boy I had a crush on.

I usually have an assignment around this time for kids to share what love is. When I first ask the question, I usually get blank stares. Like duh??? Then I get the giggles (especially around grade 4) How would you answer that? Just right now…It’s really not that easy.

Here are some of the answers I received from a fourth grade room..

“Love is when a person has feelings or respect for someone or something.”

“Love is something that people share with each other.”

“Something biological between two people saying they like each other.” Humm..

“Love is love and nothing can stop love from being love. It is awesome and powerful. ” I have to tell you that on this one all the o’s were hearts!

“Love is caring. Love is kind. Love is amazing. Love is beautiful. Love is also difficult sometimes.”

“Love is strange and unexpected. We will never understand love.”

I put this one at the end. Do you feel this way? Do you feel you have never known true love?

to be continued…


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