Joy in Godly Friends

One of the blessings we can have in this life, is to have friends who walk the walk with you. God has blessed me with friends who share in my love of sharing God’s word and in prayer. I love each and every one of them. My friend Angie, was one of those friends. I miss her in many ways. But, while she was here she was a blessing and an encouragement.

The apostle Paul knew what it was to have likeminded friends. In Philippians 2, he mentions two of them, Timothy and Epaphroditus. (Philippians 2:19-30) You can feel the love that Paul had for these men and what great joy they brought to his life.

I learn from this that godly friends:

*Are loyal. They stick by you in the good and hard times. You may not always agree but you can talk it out or agree to disagree.

*Are concerned for you. It bothers them when you are ill, depressed, sad or upset.

*Help you out. If you have a project they lend a hand. If you need something they will help you get it.

*Want good things for you. They cheer you on. They know when you need to get back on track and will readily pray for you.

Oh, how thankful I have been for each one who has walked in my life. It also reminds me to be that friend. We can’t do this life alone. Choose your friends wisely!

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