Does this word seem illusive to you? Are you always in search of true joy? We see it in others but sometimes it feels like we can’t get a handle on it! There are times we feel it and we want to just hold on to it but the next catastrophe happens – and poof it’s gone.

I long for joy that is never ending! Do you?

As a child we sang “Joy, Joy down in my Heart!” I loved that song. It made me feel good. The song goes on to say that the joy is deep in my heart. What kind of joy is this? In the New Testament joy is the Greek word “Chara.” It describes a feeling of inner gladness, delight and rejoicing. It sounds a lot like happiness. But, there is a difference. Happiness is based on my circumstances. Joy is not based on what is going on around me. In this life there is just a lot of junk going on. I don’t want it to affect me. How about you?

I have been reading the book of Philippians. It was written by Paul. He could have had a lot to be down about, especially the times he was flogged and thrown in prison. But, in this book we see what that inner joy looks like. Joy is modeled for us. It is lived out. You and I can have this joy! Stay with me as I share some things from Philippians. See you soon.

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