One season following another

This past week I drove to Austin, Texas to babysit two of my grandsons. My parents were gracious enough to take the long drive with me.

It was interesting to watch my parents watch their great-grandchildren. Sometimes they would just shake their heads. They were amazed at how they knew so much about technology (I-pads to be exact). We got to talking about how much life has changed from the time they were children to what life is like right now. Kids now know about cell phones, riding on an airplane,  cars with automatic doors, DVD players in the van, computers, and much more.

Life moves at such a quick pace. Changes are inevitable. One generation will see and do things the next cannot even imagine. Yet, some things remain the same. The love between grandparent and child,  a sweet kiss from a sweaty little mouth, a big hug before you go to bed, or a prayer from a three-year old that recounts the whole day and all events coming up! Thank God for sweet moments like these.

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