Joy in knowing who I am

Popeye was one of my favorite cartoon characters growing up. I am pretty sure parents really appreciated the push on getting their children to eat spinach. That part did not work for me but I enjoyed the show anyway! Several sayings were made famous from this cartoon. One was Wimpy's which said, "I'll gladly pay... Continue Reading →


I stretch before I get out of bed. I stretch before I take that walk. I stretch to reach the top shelf. I stretch my arms around those I love. I stretch to see who’s sitting in the front row at church. But…. Do I stretch myself to grow in Christ? Do I read the... Continue Reading →

Joy in Godly Friends

One of the blessings we can have in this life, is to have friends who walk the walk with you. God has blessed me with friends who share in my love of sharing God's word and in prayer. I love each and every one of them. My friend Angie, was one of those friends. I... Continue Reading →

Joy in Shining

Time can certainly change our dreams! As a teenager, and even before that, I had a dream to be an actress. Mind you, I didn't have the looks, but I so enjoyed playing different characters. To those closest to me, you know this is not totally out of my system. It's still fun to dress... Continue Reading →

I Remember Dad

I remember you as a quiet and gentle man. I remember you didn't especially like to play games, but you enjoyed watching others. I remember the day that you baptized me and how happy I was I remember that you were the last one to leave the table - it didn't matter which meal. I... Continue Reading →

Joy in imitation

Most of us have heard the quote, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." We often say as children, "I want to grow up one day and be like...." This can take a negative turn if we try to someone emulate with not so good of a reputation or character. Who do you imitate? I... Continue Reading →

Joy in Prayer

A very precious memory of mine was to overhear my mom and dad pray together before they went to sleep. I remember times as a child and even into my adult years. They prayed for many things but they always prayed for those they loved. What peace and comfort that was for me but also... Continue Reading →

Joy in Friendship

No matter who we are or how old we are, there is a longing for a friend. Granted, there are those who have been hurt by a friend, betrayed, lied to, or just totally want to withdraw from everyone. But, even in those situations there is that longing for some kind of connectivity. There are... Continue Reading →


Does this word seem illusive to you? Are you always in search of true joy? We see it in others but sometimes it feels like we can't get a handle on it! There are times we feel it and we want to just hold on to it but the next catastrophe happens - and poof... Continue Reading →

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