I Remember Dad

I remember you as a quiet and gentle man.

I remember you didn’t especially like to play games, but you enjoyed watching others.

I remember the day that you baptized me and how happy I was

I remember that you were the last one to leave the table – it didn’t matter which meal.

I remember listening to you and mom pray together every night before you went to sleep.

I remember receiving packets of surprises in an envelope. I might find a cartoon, an article, a picture and a note. The note was full of acrostics and foot notes!

I remember going into people’s homes as a little girl and watching the Jule Miller filmstrips. I learned a lot about the Bible and you.

I remember your beautiful hands and how your fingers curved like your dads. I was always a little jealous of your beautiful skin.

I remember you wore horseshoes, but you always wore out the back as you scuffed through the house.

I remember learning the facts of life by watching a film strip and then you asked if we had any questions!

I remember you sang at my wedding, gave me away, and performed the service. Priceless!

I remember how you loved our mom and how you didn’t forget to tell her that.

I remember how you loved to sing, especially to mom.

I will always remember that you loved me.

But, most importantly, I will remember you taught me about God and that my relationship with Him should be my utmost priority. You also taught me to love others and be humble.

Thank you Dad, for being a good good father through loving your Heavenly Father. I will always remember.

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